Iphone Tips Many People Don’t Know About

Are you feeling intimidated by the thought of buying something as technical as an iphone? Unsure that you will know what to do with it? Don’t worry. This article provides many helpful tips to help you optimize your use of your first iphone.

Keep your phone updated. Doing this ensures that your phone has all the latest options and software fixes. This also protects you by ensuring that your images and information are safely stored. In the unfortunate event that your phone is lost or damaged, you can at least take comfort in knowing that your important data is not gone for good.

You can snap photos from the cord on your headphones. First, set up your picture. When you are ready to take the photograph, press on the cord’s button. Your picture will then be taken. You can save the picture by following the same steps you would normally.

Take advantage of the different scrolling options of some websites using one or two fingers. If the site uses frames, you can use one finger to navigate from one box to the next. Working with two fingers will let you go down the whole page.

Apple Retains

If you value your privacy greatly, then you should probably use Siri a little less. Apple retains recordings of a majority of voice prompts said to Siri which Apple retains on an internally-hosted server. Although this assists with improving speech recognition and Apple maintains that there is file security, be aware that your conversations with Siri may be recorded.

There is a reset that you can do on your device if it freezes. Press the sleep button and home button at the same time for several seconds. This shuts the phone down and restarts it so your phone won’t be frozen anymore.

Make sure to personalize your iphone with a ringtone. Distinctive ringtones can be helpful in distinguishing the type of message you’re getting or who is calling you. You can upload a favorite sound clip or a song that you love; the possibilities are endless. Choose something you will easily notice in a noisy environment.

You may well feel that your iPhone’s word suggestions cost you more time than they save. If you are typing up an email or note, and are tired of the phone giving you suggestions, just tap anywhere on your screen to kill the suggestion box. You do not have to tap the x on every word.

Taking a photo with the iphone is so simple, you can do it with just one hand. By pressing on + volume button, you can get any picture you have framed. There’s no difference in the picture’s quality than if you had taken it normally.

Do not panic if your iphone freezes. First, test the sleep or wake button. But if that doesn’t work, try holding the sleep and home button simultaneously. This button combination will provide a hard reset prompt that should revive your phone.

If you want to make the most of your iPhone’s battery, then you may want to buy an app that will manage it. There are a lot available, and they can help you find out where you use battery power and which adjustments to make to extend battery life. They also have the ability to let you know when a battery calibration is necessary, so you can extend the life of your battery.

Drafts Folder

Tapping “cancel” allows you to save a draft of a message that you intend to finish later. A box inquiring whether you wish to save, cancel or not save the message draft will appear. When you select the save option, your message will be placed into the Drafts folder which will allow you to continue writing your message later. If you have no Drafts folder, one will be created.

One of the iPhone’s best features is its built in dictionary. This reference tool is available to you in most, if not all, apps. Just tap onto any word and hold it. Once you do this, tap “Define” on the options that pop up.

Hopefully, you now feel better about your ability to properly use an iphone. It’s time to make your first iphone purchase. Use what you have learned here; you can master your phone and you will probably be unable to stop using it!

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